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January 29, 2021

Top Trump-Era Lobbyist: 'It's not Going to be the Same'

The Hill

Senior Policy Advisor Scott Mason was quoted in an article by The Hill on how top lobbyists under former President Donald Trump will fare under the Biden Administration. Although first quarter 2021 disclosures will provide further insight, some of the top firms have acknowledged that change is coming. Mr. Mason, who served as the director of congressional relations for Trump's 2016 campaign, said his focus will shift toward that area of work.

"The reason that I was brought onto the Trump campaign in 2016 was specifically because of my congressional relationships in the House and the Senate. Now it's just time to refocus on a lot of those relationships and go back to the blocking and tackling that I did for decades," he explained.

READ: Top Trump-Era Lobbyist: 'It's not Going to be the Same'

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