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July 29, 2021

What Does Colombia Need to Become a Hydrogen Exporter?

Energy Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue

Energy attorney José Zapata was interviewed by Energy Advisor about the future of hydrogen in Colombia. He touches on specific regulations and incentives that will be necessary to jumpstart investment in Colombia’s budding green hydrogen industry, including Law 2099 which sets forth key regulatory aspects for Colombia’s ‘Energy Transition, Improving Energy Market Dynamics and Reactivating the Economy’ plan. He also identifies key opportunities for Colombia to lead on the blue and green hydrogen fronts. 

"To the extent that Colombia can find a way of avoiding overregulating the industry as it develops and secure long-term stable ties with companies specialized in hydrogen development, it would undoubtedly become a leader in this area," said Mr. Zapata. "This will require clarity in the rule of law, stable taxes and timely permitting."

READ: What Does Colombia Need to Become a Hydrogen Exporter?

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