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October 15, 2021

They Anticipate Prison for Customs Agents


International Trade Partner Carlos Véjar was interviewed by Reforma about a measure to combat the illicit hydrocarbons and goods market in Mexico that holds customs agents and other agents of the country's Tax Administration Service (SAT) responsible. Mr. Véjar commented that the measure is worrisome because in Mexico it is not possible to carry out these operations without the customs agents, adding that compliance with the proposed measure means it would be necessary to have a laboratory on site.

"It is of impossible compliance, there is an undeniable error in this matter, the customs agents could not do it by themselves," he explained. "Another option is that (the agents) say, 'You, SAT, give me the correct classification. Take the necessary samples and give me where I classify it, so it could be,' but that takes months, three, six or more."

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