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January 27, 2022

Money Talks: Lobbyists Pulling the Strings on Capitol Hill

The National Law Journal

Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold spoke with The National Law Journal about expectations for lobbying in 2022 and how Holland & Knight can assist clients on the campaign trail. After a bumper year in 2021, many expect lobbying revenue to increase even more in 2022, with issues like funding from the infrastructure bill combining with campaign work for the November elections to create a frenzy on K Street. Mr. Gold explained that Holland & Knight's team includes professionals who are advocates in particular substantive areas as well as those who focus on campaigns, with a deep understanding of how to structure campaigns and help participants "reach consensus." He added that team members can help clients utilize "all the tools in the toolbox," from effective social media messaging and grassroots strategies to message development for a "full wraparound effect."

Mr. Gold also mentioned that one area to watch this year is the effect of remote work on campaigns. Simply put, the nature of interactions has changed.

"The transition in lobbying over the last few years has been around remote work and what that means for advocacy," he said. "All of a sudden, the keys to the kingdom are the cellphone numbers of U.S. senators, members or their staff. And that's a different environment."

READ: Money Talks: Lobbyists Pulling the Strings on Capitol Hill

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