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February 15, 2023

FTC’s Khan Sheds ‘Artillery Spotter’ With Wilson’s Abrupt Exit

Bloomberg Law

Consumer Protection Defense and Compliance attorney Anthony DiResta was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article about Republican Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Christine Wilson's resignation in protest of agency chair Lina Khan's antitrust agenda. Throughout her tenure as an FTC commissioner, Wilson has questioned whether the agency possess the authority to pursue the various actions such as the proposed ban on noncompete agreements. Mr. DiResta said that Wilson's comments about areas including following precedent, due process violations and rulemaking could likely be used by opposing counsel in FTC investigations.

“Commissioner Wilson’s comments give legitimacy to several defense counsel’s arguments in FTC investigations,” he said. “Her comments may also increase the appetite for targets of investigations to litigate, instead of just settling the matter."

READ: FTC’s Khan Sheds ‘Artillery Spotter’ With Wilson’s Abrupt Exit

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