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May 7, 2023

City Rejects Appeal of 600 Foothill Application

Outlook Valley Sun

Land Use attorney Ryan Leaderman was quoted in an Outlook Valley Sun article discussing a dispute over a proposed mixed-use project at 600 Foothill Boulevard. In a recent meeting, the La Cañada Flintridge City Council rejected an appeal for an application connected to the development. The central issue at the meeting was whether the project qualified for a "builder's remedy" under the California Housing Accountability Act. Mr. Leaderman, who represents the 600 Foothill Boulevard owner, highlighted the lack of affordable housing in the community, especially for those working in essential roles. 

"You have a wonderful institution, JPL, here. Where do the cleaners live? Where does the staff live? Where do your teachers live? Where? They're not allowed to live in this city. And guess what? In the fifth housing element, the city produced zero low-income units. In the current sixth cycle arena, [there's] no housing production for low-income people," he said.

Mr. Leaderman also expressed his displeasure with the decision. 

"We're just surprised that the city would so clearly violate the law. They know that they do not have a substantially compliant housing element, and they have not done the rezoning. So, it's brazen, their unlawfulness."

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