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May 31, 2023

Mighty Milspouse: When a Lawyer Fell in Love with a Soldier

We Are the Mighty
Real Estate attorney Briana Stolley spoke with We Are the Mighty for an article about how she has navigated her marriage and career as a military spouse and lawyer. Ms. Stolley shared what moving to different states with her military husband has meant for her career in law.  

“For every single move we made I had to continue to retake the bar exam. So, I took it in Ohio, Georgia, Virginia and Oklahoma," she explained.

Then in 2011, Ms. Stolley joined the Military Spouse J.D. Network to champion licensure reciprocity for military spouses. Because of the organization's work, military spouses are exempt from having to retake the bar in more than 40 states.

Now with all of her efforts behind her Ms. Stolley reflected on what kept her motivated, “People used to ask me why I kept doing this, but I just kept telling myself it was going to get easier, and we’d get over it. I wouldn’t let myself quit."

Ms. Stolley's advice for other aspiring or practicing military spouse lawyers was to “Believe in yourself, and don’t take no for an answer.”

READ: Mighty Milspouse: When a Lawyer Fell in Love with a Soldier

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