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July 10, 2023

Holland & Knight Forms 'Greenwashing' Mitigation Team as Litigation, Enforcement Spikes

National Law Journal
Jessica Magee, co-chair of the Securities Enforcement Defense Team, and Beth Viola, chair of the firm's Energy and Natural Resources Industry Sector Group, were quoted in a National Law Journal article about how the firm has created a new team to combat claims about alleged greenwashing. The recently assembled 'Greenwashing' Mitigation Team advises shareholders on securities claims and false claims in “green” products as the claims are on the rise.

“Ultimately, customers and investors want fair, balanced, accurate, and complete information and companies should feel confident that if they follow a reasonable process for providing that information, they’ll be on solid footing. Do what you say, say what you do,” Ms. Magee explained.

Many companies jumped on the environmentally conscious bandwagon a few years ago, but as the legal landscape around those issues has evolved, they’re facing a myriad of new risks.

“We realized companies didn’t want to be attacked or face litigation for ‘greenwashing,’ and we recognized different parts of our firm were addressing these different aspects, so we organized them all under one tent,” Ms. Viola said. “Now it’s a one-stop-shop for clients, from litigation to compliance and regulatory, we’re making sure our clients have the best advice,” she added.

READ: Holland & Knight Forms 'Greenwashing' Mitigation Team as Litigation, Enforcement Spikes

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