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September 27, 2023

Law Firms Brace Clients for Possible Government Shutdown

The National Law Journal

Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold spoke with The National Law Journal about how the firm is counseling clients in preparation for a potential government shutdown. Many public policy practices across the United States, including Holland & Knight's, are busy fielding questions from clients on matters such as how a shutdown would impact government contractors, how it would affect regulations coming down the pipeline from the federal government and what would happen with certain federal programs. Mr. Gold indicated that demand for long-term strategic counseling has only risen during this period, though it typically makes up a significant portion of the work that the team does on a regular basis.

“We are spending a lot of time counseling clients on what this all means and where we go from here and what the outlook is for the end of the year with the 12 appropriations bills and tax extenders and the farm bill and FAA reauthorization, and all these other things that are supposed to get done this year,” he said.

READ: Law Firms Brace Clients for Possible Government Shutdown

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