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September 1, 2023

Leading in Tough Times: Stuart Saft

Connect CRE

New York Real Estate Practice Group Leader Stuart Saft was interviewed by Connect CRE about his leadership at Holland & Knight. He shared insight on his career and how his practice has developed over time. 

"Early in my law practice I developed a very large (for that time) practice based on a particular section of the Internal Revenue Code but, when the law changed, 70 percent of my practice disappeared in a year," he said. "When I set about rebuilding, it was with the idea that I would build a volume practice with an evergreen component so regardless of the economy or the laws, the work would never disappear and, most importantly, I would never have to lay anyone off."

Mr. Saft also commented on how he manages such a robust practice. 

"It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the entire practice when aspects of it are really busy, but we work together as a group based on what I learned decades ago in the army; the most important role of a leader is to support their troops. We celebrate each other and our accomplishments and we are a work family," he said.

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