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September 13, 2023

Military Companies Request Megasubsidy for 2024


Tax attorney Mario Barrera was cited in an article published by Reforma about the four parastatal companies of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) that requested an amount of operating subsidies and salaries for 2024 that exceeds the combined budget of the Secretariats of the Interior and Foreign Affairs. The article analyzes each company's requests and goes over the federal governments' efforts to establish a reform in order to obtain more resources for the company Mayan Train. Mr. Barrera warned that a reform may prove unconstitutional. 

"The provision and cost of the service is decoupled from the destination of the resources obtained, so there would be a space so that, if it becomes law, there is a problem of constitutionality," he said.

READ: Military Companies Request Megasubsidy for 2024

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