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September 25, 2023

Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Deadline Looms

POLITICO Pro's Morning Tech

Public Policy & Regulation attorney Paul Stimers was quoted in POLITICO Pro's Morning Tech newsletter about the pressures Congress is facing to avoid a government shutdown as well as reauthorize the National Quantum Initiative Act (NQIA). The National Quantum Initiative Act is the force needed for the U.S. to stay at the forefront of quantum computing, establishing programs and research centers. Lawmakers are working to stay ahead as the global landscape shifts from quantum research to actual application.

“The general sense within Congress that our international competitors are staying competitive has only increased since 2018,” said Mr. Stimers. “We’re even more focused on competition, with China in particular.”

Mr. Stimers notes that it’s important for the NQIA reauthorization to move U.S. quantum computing from longer term basic research in the lab, to exploring and actually using the technology in near-term applications.

“It is important that it be reauthorized and it's important to have that continuity, both from a technical perspective and as a signal to the rest of the world that the United States is serious about quantum,” he explained.

Mr. Stimers also mentioned that a key piece of reauthorization is boosting workforce development: “My members are desperate for more qualified employees, quantum scientists, engineers, technicians and anything that can be done to improve workforce development on the domestic quantum workforce side we're very interested to see.”

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