Quantum Computing

  • Holland & Knight's Quantum Computing Team helps clients prepare for the advent of ultra-powerful machines that will dramatically advance technologies critical to business, government and society.
  • Our attorneys are monitoring the evolution of quantum computing so that clients are ready for game-changing cybersecurity challenges and exciting opportunities across a wide range of industries.
Quantum Computing


Quantum computing has already advanced from scientific theory to functioning machines. Quantum computers leverage the fundamental mechanics of the universe to solve mathematical problems that are impossible with today’s classical computers. Quantum computers are already operating on small scales, but many scientists predict that in the future these machines will be able to solve currently impenetrable problems in chemistry, biology, materials science, meteorology, finance, artificial intelligence and economics.

Although the threat is perhaps years or even decades away, these ultra-powerful machines also are expected to decrypt our strongest digital encryption schemes. As a result, quantum computing is likely to compromise the encryption schemes that are currently crucial to the security of corporations and governments.

As billions of investment dollars flow to quantum computing, Holland & Knight's Quantum Computing Team is monitoring the technological developments and preparing for the challenges and opportunities our clients will face.

Starting with best practices that clients can implement today, our attorneys with extensive experience in cybersecurity, privacy and other key areas are providing counsel to help prepare for this coming revolution in computing.

In addition, attorneys in our Intellectual Property Group are considering the IP implications of countless innovations that will fully realize the potential of quantum computing.

Our lawyers experienced in mergers and acquisitions, financial institutions, government contracting, national security and other areas are also keeping a close eye on future developments.


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