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September 15, 2023

Reversal of Public Services: Is It Advisable?


Energy attorney Inés Elvira Vesga was cited in a Semana magazine article as part of its special edition "Attorney Rankings: What Are the Challenges That the Legal Sector Faces?" This article analyzes possible reforms to Colombia's Law of Public Home Services. The country's government has circulated a document that includes some reforms, such as the creation of a Universal Service Fund for drinking water and energy, and modifications to tariff formulas. Ms. Vesga pointed out that it is important to pay attention to these announcements from the government, as well as assured that it has said it wants to maintain free competition and the functions of the Superintendency of Public Services.

"We have to be attentive to the development of certain announcements already made, because they are broad, they generate uncertainty. For example: reorient the purpose of the state in public services, the participation of users in tariff regulation, the possibility that the Superintendency will have to intervene and revise the tariffs of a company by asking for a determined number of users or an office," she said.

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