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January 12, 2024

Ex-Members Return to the Hill as New Lobbyists After Ban Expires

Bloomberg Government

Government relations attorney Ed Perlmutter was quoted in a Bloomberg Government article discussing how former members of Congress are returning to the Hill to lobby once a ban on lobbying the legislative branch during the first year out of office lifts. In the article, Mr. Perlmutter states that he has lobbied the Colorado legislature and done legal work over the past year. He also mentions that he splits his time between Denver and Washington, D.C., and his practice includes financial services and other matters, further maximizing his former tenure on the House Financial Services panel. 

Regarding the lifted lobbying ban, Mr. Perlmutter said he wasn't the only one at his firm who marked the expiration. "I've got a couple partners who are calling me already," he said during an interview 24 hours after his year was up.  

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