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March 14, 2024

A Roadmap Against Discrimination

Gestión & Negocios

Labor and employment attorney Camilo Cuervo was quoted in an article published by Gestión & Negocios, emphasizing the importance of updated legislation to combat workplace harassment in Colombia. Mr. Cuervo detailed that Law 10.10 of 2006 initiated the country's first legal framework addressing workplace harassment. However, the absence of a specific executive decree, despite subsequent guidelines and resolutions primarily from the Ministry of Labor, highlights the ongoing challenge of regulating this issue. He asserted that promoting an inclusive work culture that values diversity is not only ethical but also a strategic advantage for business competitiveness in today's global market.

"The regulation governing workplace harassment in Colombia is Law 10.10 of 2006, marking the country's initial effort to legislate against workplace harassment. Over the years, there have been various guidelines and resolutions, mainly from the Ministry of Labor, aimed at implementing this law. Unfortunately, there has never been a decree to fully enforce it," he said. 

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