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March 4, 2024

Commercial Real Estate: Trends and Predictions (2024)

Practical Law Journal

Real Estate attorney Stuart Saft was interviewed by Practical Law Journal on the state of commercial real estate in 2023 and the outlook for 2024. He explained that 2023 was highlighted by challenges including rising interest rates, economic pressures and the pandemic's continued effects on the market dynamics. Looking ahead to 2024, optimism prevails, with an anticipated uptick in deal flow and investor activity, despite ongoing concerns like climate risk and inflation. Mr. Saft also discussed key trends, from transactions and financing issues to leasing challenges and the push for affordable housing, forecasting the hot topics set to influence the sector in 2024.

"Yes, we are beginning to see a renewed interest in new deals, but there is still a spread between buyers' and sellers' expectations. Our clients are beginning to discuss deal flow and opportunities with investors. It is still slow, but it is more active than one year ago, when everyone was predicting a recession," he said. 

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