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March 28, 2024

The Brooklyn Nets Is Now a Fashion Brand

Vogue Business

Fashion attorney Danielle Garno was quoted throughout a Vogue Business article about the Brooklyn Nets' new private label, bǝrō, and the future of sports teams in the luxury fashion space. Ms. Garno discussed the progression of sports teams into the high-end fashion industry and the societal influences that encourage such a move. She also analyzed the benefits for both teams and luxury brands when they decide to form a partnership outside of traditional merchandise, like the Nets are doing with designer Colm Dillane.

"Now, more than ever, sports teams encompass a culture and community that transcends the sport itself... It's about fashion, music, food — it's a lifestyle, and really, a brand identity. By creating a private label collection, teams are creating their brand identity with apparel that is 'fashion' as compared to just 'merch,'" said Ms. Garno. "Collaborating with a team's private label may offer a direct line and connection to a team's fan base allowing the luxury brand to help shape the brand identity in a particular market... This type of partnership may be seen as authentic to the team, the city and its roots and culture, which will help build brand and team loyalty."

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