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March 26, 2024

'We Can’t Tolerate That': Big Law Firm Sues Local Government

Daily Business Review

Litigation Attorneys David Spector and Joseph Valdivia were quoted in a Daily Business Review article about a lawsuit filed by Klass-Ex LLC against the City of Miramar regarding their contract to manage the Miramar Regional Park Amphitheater. The complaint alleges Miramar has violated the agreements by claiming control over alcohol, concessions and interfering with Klass-Ex's relationships with promoters. Klass-Ex has managed the amphitheater since 2016 under contracts allowing them full authority. However, Miramar recently issued orders conflicting with this. Mr. Spector, who leads the Holland & Knight team representing Klass-Ex, commented on the potential implications of the case.

“If we have municipalities that are not honoring their agreements, that are showing favoritism and sliding the rules,” Mr. Spector said, “then there is no predictability that our citizens and the members of our business community will get any fair shake with municipalities.”

READ: 'We Can’t Tolerate That': Big Law Firm Sues Local Government

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