2011 ICSC U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference

October 26-28, 2011
The Biltmore Resort
2400 East Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016
United States of America

Retail Development and Leasing Team Co-Chair Tara Scanlon, Real Estate Partners Janis Schiff and Chris Brockman in the Public Policy & Regulation Group, will speak at the ICSC U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference.

Ms. Scanlon will discuss "Lease Distinctions - Key Characteristics or Red Herrings." The seminar will cover the characteristics that distinguish net leases from gross leases and build-to-suits from reverse build-to-suits. The program will also examine particular qualities that make a lease a ground lease. Panelists will address the gray areas and problem language that provide challenges in drafting and negotiations.

Ms. Schiff will facilitate a workshop titled "Where's the Parking?" The workshop will introduce and discuss creative approaches to addressing parking and related access needs and requirements of retailers, as well as the constraints and issues of developers in various retail environments. The workshop will focus on both urban and suburban locations, as well as mixed-use and retail/entertainment/residential venues and the special challenges they create. The program will be presented through various case studies of recent projects to provide examples of solutions to the question "Where do we park the cars?"

Mr. Brockman will be leading a roundtable discussion on "Non-Traditional Tenants: How Far Will You Go? How Far Can You Go?"

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