False Claims Act Update

Lorman Education Services Audio Conference
September 21, 2012
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Audio Conference

White Collar Defense and Investigations Partner William Gould and Government Contracts Associate Megan Jeschke will participate on Lorman Education Services' Audio Conference titled "False Claims Act Update."

The False Claims Act has solidified into the biggest hammer employed by the government in its enforcement efforts against domestic and international business. Settlements north of one billion dollars continue to occur, and liability for violating the federal False Claims Act can destroy companies that contract with the government or operate in the health care space. In addition, this area of law has evolved over the past few years, having changed through federal court case law and by statute. Mr. Gould and Ms. Jeschke will explain the False Claims Act and discuss best practices for interacting with the government when negotiating settlements or litigating these important matters.

They will discuss the following topics:

  • overview of the False Claims Act 
    • background
    • violations
    • damages 
  • evolution of the False Claims Act
    • statutory Amendments
    • recent Cases and Issues
    • The Department of Justice's views and statements 
  • disclosure and Potential Impact 
    • mandatory disclosure/government contractors
    • corporate integrity agreement
    • compliance, both formal and cultural 
  • strategies for response - careful interaction with the government essential 
  • miscellaneous matters not to miss

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