2012 Election Outcomes and Impacts

Holland & Knight Program
Seminar, Webinar
November 7, 2012
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET
Holland & Knight's Washington, D.C., Office or online
800 17th Street N.W. Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006

With November 6 approaching, Holland & Knight's experienced lobbyists and attorneys are focusing on the policy implications of the elections. Please join us the day after as we review the results and discuss the impacts on the fiscal cliff and industry priorities that matter to you, including transportation, energy and the environment, healthcare and local governments.

The program will be hosted by the Public Policy & Regulation Group leader, Rich Gold, with the following Public Policy & Regulation Group members taking part in the discussion:

  • Rich Gold - General Political Landscape (from Democratic perspective)
  • Kathryn Lehman - General Political Landscape (from Republican perspective)
  • Beth Viola - Energy and the Environment
  • Rob Bradner- Healthcare
  • Lisa Tofil - Healthcare
  • Jeffrey Boothe - Transportation
  • Eve O'Toole - Local Governments

A webinar will also be available for those unable to make it to the live program.

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