New York Real Estate Trends Part 4: Leasehold Condos

Holland & Knight Webinar
New York Real Estate Trends Part 4: Leasehold Condos
July 11, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM ET

Please join Holland & Knight's Real Estate Practice for the fourth presentation in our webinar series on New York Real Estate Trends.

Part 4: Leasehold Condos

Join us as leading attorneys in the leasehold condominium field discuss advantages and challenges for landlords and nonprofits, as well as how a nonprofit entity can qualify for tax exemptions. This discussion will highlight the process of obtaining the exemption, structuring techniques, limitations on the exemption and an important ruling that Holland & Knight attorneys obtained.


Stuart Saft  |  Partner, Holland & Knight
Renee Covitt  |  Partner, Holland & Knight 
Robert Pollack  |  Partner, Marcus & Pollack LLP
Glenn Borin  |  Managing Attorney, Marcus & Pollack LLP
Erin Goodman  |  Partner, Holland & Knight

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