March 22, 2021

Podcast - Earmarks: A Conversation with Quorum and PP&R Practice Leader Rich Gold

The Eyes on Washington Podcast Series

In the first episode of "The Eyes on Washington Podcast" series, Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold spoke with Quorum about all things earmarks. He describes what earmarks are, how they've changed and how organizations can increase chances of earning earmarked federal funding. The practice was removed in 2010 after a series of ethical scandals, but legislators are increasingly supporting its reintroduction with new rules to make it more transparent and ethical. Mr. Gold said although he believes the movement back toward earmarks would have happened regardless of COVID-19, the pandemic has shown how and where earmarks could be useful. He also shared tips for improving the chances of receiving federal funding, adding that earmarks can help increase access to the federal government at the local or state level.

Looking for more? Quorum summarized the podcast conversation on their blog as well.

Duration 20:41

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