November 14, 2022

Al Paredón con Jorge Hernán Peláez

DIRECTV Colombia Channel 129

Energy attorney María Natalia Suárez participated in the program "Al Paredón con Jorge Hernán Peláez," in which she spoke about Bill 219, which was recently presented before the Colombian Senate and which dictates provisions on hydrocarbons. Ms. Suárez shared her opinion on two points of the project that she believes must be evaluated from a legal and economic perspective. First, she insisted that the country's energy transition should not be implemented without taking into account the impacts in energy, tax and social matters. She also expressed that imposing conditions or restricting rights to contracts validly signed by the state contradicts the legal system. Ms. Suárez mentioned some facts that investors should take into account and spoke about the value of hydrocarbons for the country's economy.

Duration: 2:23

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