October 20, 2016

Corner Briefing: Infrastructure and Affordable Housing Financing

What's Old, What's New and What Works
Holland & Knight Alert
Robert M. Haight Jr. | Douglas A. Praw | Nicholas William Targ | Daniel R. Golub

This is the fourth edition in an ongoing series of "Corner Briefings" highlighting urban infill legal tools and opportunities. These updates identify new legal cases, legislative updates, grant opportunities and other urban infill trends that may be meaningful to you. 

Please click here to view this Corner Briefing, which highlights public financing tools that can work together to get projects moving in the post-redevelopment era.

Public finance tools are more important than ever with new climate change demands, affordable housing needs and the dissolution of redevelopment agencies. Newer public financing mechanisms such as Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts, which provide project capital, can be coupled with traditional funding mechanisms such as Community Facilities Districts, which can prime the pump and fund various services. These financing mechanisms can be much more powerful together than they are apart.

Holland & Knight helps developers and local governments tailor public finance tools to create valuable finance solutions. Please contact Robert Haight, Douglas Praw, Nicholas Targ or Dan Golub for additional background or assistance.

Information contained in this alert is for the general education and knowledge of our readers. It is not designed to be, and should not be used as, the sole source of information when analyzing and resolving a legal problem. Moreover, the laws of each jurisdiction are different and are constantly changing. If you have specific questions regarding a particular fact situation, we urge you to consult competent legal counsel.

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