September 26, 2017

Aviation in the USA

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Anita M. Mosner | Richard B. Furey | Judy R. Nemsick

Attorneys Anita Mosner, Richard Furey, Judy Nemsick, Jamie Rodriguez and Jennifer Nowak cover various topics in the aviation industry such as:

  • Recent developments and trends: the Trump Administration, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 
  • Regulatory framework: domestic law, international law, regulatory authorities
  • Air carrier operations: permits, exemptions, ownership and control
  • Consumer protection and liability: airfares, passenger protection, cargo liability, complaints, Airline Deregulation Act
  • Aircraft registration: FAA registry, The Transportation Code, detention, mortgages and encumbrances
  • Air Accidents: investigations, liability, regulatory notification
  • Airport Ownership: operation, ground handling services, airport charges, access and slot allocation
  • Competition issues: regulatory and legal provisions, code sharing, air carrier joint ventures, state aid, notable cases and rulings
  • Dispute Resolution: consumer law statutes

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