• Holland & Knight's Antitrust Team offers proactive counsel to help our clients identify – and avoid – potential competition issues before they become problems. When issues do arise, we combine the practical application of antitrust and competition laws within your particular industry with our own deep understanding of your industry's legal landscape to manage your issues and mitigate exposure.
  • Our team includes lawyers who have worked inside the U.S. Department of Justice and offices of several state attorneys general. These experienced trial attorneys know how antitrust matters are investigated and prosecuted – and how to defend against treble damage class actions and suits by competitors.
  • When you partner with Holland & Knight, you draw on our experience counseling numerous companies through complex investigations and litigation, as well as through large mergers and acquisitions.


In today’s enforcement-minded business landscape, a strategy that incorporates the laws regulating competition is essential to your business survival. From antitrust compliance counseling to government investigations to treble damage litigation, the Antitrust Team at Holland & Knight is dedicated to efficiently handling the full range of issues facing businesses today.

Industry Insight

Influences ranging from sophisticated technological advances to subtle regulatory changes can have a considerable competitive impact on your industry. With real-world experience spanning dozens of industries, our legal team has a solid understanding of the specific marketplace in which you operate. We combine the practical application of antitrust and competition laws of your particular industry with our understanding of your industry's market landscape to efficiently manage your competitive issues. Members of our Antitrust Team have been listed as top attorneys in Global Competition Review's GCR Global 100 rankings for their work in the antitrust and competition space. Furthermore, we provide access to a firmwide network of lawyers who know your industry and who can assist in analyzing your company.

Regulatory Understanding

In a rapidly changing marketplace, antitrust and competition laws and their applications must constantly evolve to keep pace. To assist you in creating proactive competitive business strategies that limit legal exposure, our Antitrust Team applies in-depth knowledge of antitrust and competition at every level. We are committed to helping you efficiently navigate and comply with theses statutes, including federal and state antitrust laws and related issues such as unfair competition law, trade secrets, trade libel, intellectual property law, noncompetition covenants, marketing practices, licensing, franchising and distributorship agreements, among other issues.

Full Scope of Services

Violation of competition laws can result in lengthy government investigations, substantial fines, imprisonment, civil treble damage class actions and devastating publicity. Holland & Knight's antitrust attorneys offer a broad range of legal skills designed to help protect your company from these risks. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • developing comprehensive antitrust compliance programs
  • providing antitrust training and counseling for employees
  • conducting legal audits to spot potential problems
  • establishing appropriate, proactive business strategies
  • evaluating mergers and acquisitions for potential competition issues
  • counseling on international competition matters
  • handling Hart-Scott-Rodino pre-merger notification filings
  • interacting with federal and state enforcement agencies conducting antitrust investigations 
  • assisting in responding to subpoenas from federal and state enforcement agencies
  • offering experienced litigation support

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