January 30, 2019

How Do Gov't Contractors Affected By Shutdown Get Paid?

David S. Black | Robert K. Tompkins

After the longest federal government shutdown in United States history, Partners David Black and Bob Tompkins wrote an article for Law360 answering some top-of-mind questions for government contractors.

The authors cover concerns regarding reviews of invoices after lapses of funding, FAR clauses and other notices or directions to be on the watch for, working "at risk," recovering employee compensation and documenting other costs and efforts related to the shutdown, and what a contractor is actually entitled to.

Mr. Black and Mr. Tompkins also acknowledge the very real concern of another shutdown, especially given that the current short-term funding that the government allocated is only set to last until Feb. 15, 2019. Overall, they advise contractors to assess their situations and determine how to proceed on a contract-by-contract basis, and to seek professional assistance in preparing and pursuing requests for payment.

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