August 4, 2020

3 Ways Fla. Should Revise Its Patient Brokering Act

Michael R. Manthei

Healthcare Litigation Partner Michael Manthei authored an article for Law360 discussing the most recent revisions to Florida’s Patient Brokering Act (PBA) and what further improvements could be made. Mr. Manthei provides a brief recap of the PBA, its 2019 amendment implemented last July and the 2020 amended amendment. He explains that the old PBA language may have been expedient in the moment and probably was better than leaving the 2019 amendment in place, but argues that the time is ripe to take a closer look at the PBA and to make its application more clear. This would benefit all stakeholders, including both law enforcement and health care providers and businesses.

READ: 3 Ways Fla. Should Revise Its Patient Brokering Act

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