March 19, 2021

3 Areas Of FTC Online Marketing Enforcement To Watch

Anthony E. DiResta | Da'Morus A. Cohen | Benjamin A. Genn

Consumer Protection Defense and Compliance attorneys Anthony DiResta, Da’Morus Cohen and Benjamin Genn authored a Law360 article highlighting Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations to watch for in the online marketing space. While it's still too early to estimate the impact the Biden Administration will have on the FTC and its enforcement priorities, the authors emphasize that Acting Chair Rebecca Slaughter will likely focus significantly on e-commerce, and seek monetary penalties in almost all cases. They indicate that there will likely be an effort to uncover fake product review schemes, as well as a crackdown on the sale and use of fake indicators of social media influence. The FTC is also poised to increase its enforcement of "made in USA" claims, and investigate products that use an "organic" label.

READ: 3 Areas Of FTC Online Marketing Enforcement To Watch

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