August 12, 2021

Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy

Kwamina Thomas Williford | Brian J. Goodrich

Consumer Protection attorneys Kwamina Williford and Brian Goodrich authored a Law360 article about the global awakening to the need for increased consumer control over consumer data and the implications for companies hiring and vetting potential employees. They discuss data privacy legislation at the state and federal levels giving consumers rights to control how companies use their data. Because both the law and the market are changing, the authors suggest that organizations engaging in consumer character reporting or identity authentication should prepare for the foreseeable changes in data privacy law by considering alternate, consumer-centric approaches in order to get ahead of the curve. The consumer-centric approach ultimately reduces risk associated with identity theft, enhances accountability and transparency, increases data accuracy and minimizes regulatory risk.

READ: Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy

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