April 7, 2022

Is Infrastructure in Mexico Ready to Deploy 5G Networks?

Mexico Business News
Luis Rubio Barnetche | Octavio Lecona

Mexico City Executive Partner Luis Rubio and Technology & Telecommunications Partner Octavio Lecona published an article in Mexico Business News discussing the possibility of deploying fifth generation (5G) mobile networks in Mexico. The rollout of 5G promises more interconnectivity than ever before, with higher data speeds and increased network capacity allowing users to download movies and TV shows in the blink of an eye and for machines to run with little human intervention in factories. However, realizing this vision requires infrastructure availability and access to capital. In this article, the authors explain some of the challenges facing Mexico when it comes to deploying 5G, from bartering bandwidth and coverage to communicating with multiple federal and local authorities. They also list some ways to facilitate this process, such as taking an inventory of existing infrastructure in rural and urban areas as well as the agencies that might have jurisdiction over network deployment.

READ: Is Infrastructure in Mexico Ready to Deploy 5G Networks?

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