August 2, 2022

The Rise of Satellite Arbitrations

The Guide to Telecoms Arbitration, Global Arbitration Review (GAR)
Laura Yvonne Zielinski

International Arbitration and Litigation attorney Laura Yvonne Zielinski authored a chapter of The Guide to Telecoms Arbitrations, published by Global Arbitration Review (GAR), entitled "The Rise of Satellite Arbitrations." In this chapter, Ms. Zielinski overviews how satellites are playing an increasing role in the global telecommunications industry. As a result of the incorporation of satellites, it is expected that there will be an increased risk of satellite disputes, ranging from investment disputes to harmful frequency interference. Additionally, she explains why international arbitration can best guarantee access to both decision-makers and counsel while being able to cater to the international and confidential nature of the satellite industry.

READ: The Rise of Satellite Arbitrations (pg. 98-111)

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