July 13, 2023

Holland & Knight Data Privacy and Security Report: June 2023

Holland & Knight Alert
Marissa C. Serafino | Christopher DeLacy | Joel E. Roberson | Greg M. Louer | Misha Lehrer | Parker M. Reynolds

Welcome to Holland & Knight's monthly data privacy and security news update  that includes the latest in policy, regulatory updates and other significant developments. If you see anything in this report that you would like additional information on, please reach out to authors or members of Holland & Knight's Data Strategy, Security & Privacy Team.

Legislative Updates

  • State Privacy Laws Take Effect; Impact on Federal Standard
  • Data Brokers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Senators Send Letter to Twitter Over Allegations of Privacy Violations
  • Legislators Seek to Protect Americans' Data from Unfriendly Nations
  • Legislators Introduce DELETE Act
  • Senators Send Letter to Amazon Over Clinical Health Data
  • Castor, Dingell Lead Letters to Social Media Platforms Requesting Information About Protections for Children

Executive and Departmental Updates

  • Update on the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
  • FCC Launches Privacy and Data Protection Task Force
  • CFPB Releases Report on Chatbots in Consumer Finance
  • FTC Will Require Microsoft to Pay $20M Over Illegally Collected Personal Information from Children
  • Contractors: Direct Employees to Remove TikTok from Personal Cell Phones, Other Devices

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