August 17, 2023

Holland & Knight Data Privacy and Security Report: July 2023

Holland & Knight Alert
Marissa C. Serafino | Christopher DeLacy | Joel E. Roberson | Greg M. Louer | Misha Lehrer | Parker M. Reynolds

Welcome to Holland & Knight's monthly data privacy and security news update that includes the latest in policy, regulatory updates and other significant developments. If you see anything in this report that you would like additional information on, please reach out to authors or members of Holland & Knight's Data Strategy, Security & Privacy Team.

Legislative Updates

  • Fall 2023 Outlook
  • Senate Commerce Marks Up Children's Privacy Bills
  • House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on FTC Oversight
  • Members of Congress Reveal Alleged Breach of Privacy by Tax Prep Companies
  • Bill's Reintroduction Seeks to Stop the Government from Purchasing Americans' Data
  • Senators Continuing Work on Judiciary's Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law
  • Senate Bill Seeks to Create Tech Commission

Executive and Departmental Updates

  • White House Announces Nominations of 2 FTC Commissioners
  • White House Secures Voluntary Safety Commitments from AI Companies
  • FTC Seeks Comment on Parental Consent Mechanism Under COPPA
  • SEC Finalizes Cybersecurity Rules
  • SEC Chair Remarks on AI
  • Amazon Agrees to Penalty Over Violations Related to Children's Privacy Law

State Updates

  • Oregon and Delaware Become 12th and 13th States to Enact Privacy Legislation
  • California's Privacy Agency Inquiring About Vehicles and Data Privacy Practices

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