May 19, 2024

Escazú Agreement: Balance and Repercussions for Colombia.

El Pilón
Maria Camila Aponte

Environmental attorney María Camila Aponte wrote an article for El Pilón analyzing the implications of the Escazú Agreement for Colombia. In the article, the Ms. Aponte highlights Colombia's participation in the third conference of the parties to the agreement and points out that, although the provisions of the agreement do not establish guarantees above to those already existing in the country, it is likely that Escazú will strengthen current guarantees through the issuance of new laws and regulations. She also emphasizes that the true challenges in terms of environmental democracy lie in the applicability of the guarantees in the territory, ensuring that citizens are aware of the projects that impact them and can effectively participate in the decisions that affect them.

READ: Escazú Agreement: Balance and Repercussions for Colombia.

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