June 17, 2024

What 4 Cyber Protection Actions Mean for Marine Transport

Sean T. Pribyl | Shardul Desai | Jameson B. Rice

Maritime attorney Sean Pribyl, cybersecurity attorney Shardul Desai and transportation attorney Jameson Rice authored an article for Law360 discussing cybersecurity risks that come with the integration of internet-connected technologies in the maritime industry. The article notes that these novel challenges have prompted the White House to announce new measures addressing the threats, including substantial investments in port infrastructure, issuance of a maritime security directive on cyber risk management and enhancement of maritime cybersecurity regulations. Additional concerns over Chinese espionage have also prompted increased scrutiny and further regulations. In the article, the authors highlight the ongoing efforts to strengthen cybersecurity in critical infrastructure, as well as how they could lead to increased costs for vessel and facility owners and operators.

READ: What 4 Cyber Protection Actions Mean for Marine Transport

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