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February 1, 2010

Rooting Out Fraud

Provider Magazine

Health Law & Life Sciences Partners Daniel Small and Chris Myers were quoted in the article "Rooting Out Fraud" published in the February issue of Provider Magazine.

The article focuses on how nursing facilities can prevent being the subject of federal government investigations into fraud, waste and abuse. In the piece, both Mr. Small and Mr. Myers support corporate compliance programs (CCP) as a primary tool for nursing facilities and say they can be valuable protection against fraud accusations.

When creating a CCP, Mr. Myers recommended that nursing facilities review Office of Inspector General (OIG) documents that clearly identify risk areas which should be covered in the program. He also noted that nursing facilities should carefully review their policies and make certain their programs comply with various agencies including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance organizations.

Mr. Small indicated research has also found that nursing facilities with strong compliance programs are better run, have reduced capital costs and have less expensive liability insurance rates. Although some facilities have resisted CCPs, Mr. Small assured that "it's one of the best investments a facility can make." To read the full article, please visit the link below.

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