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October 4, 2010

Does Colombia Have the Right Plan for Oil & Gas Reforms?

Latin America Energy Advisor
International Practices Partner Enrique Gomez-Pinzon was quoted in a Latin America Energy Advisor article titled, "Does Colombia Have the Right Plan for Oil & Gas Reforms?"

In the article, Mr. Gomez-Pinzon weighed in on a recent constitutional reform proposal submitted to Congress by the administration of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos seeking to allocate oil and mining royalties more evenly across the country. "The current government had the courage to face upfront and from the outset a structural problem, which is that eight departments (territorial entities) with 17.3 percent of Colombia's population receive 80.5 percent of the total royalties that Colombian natural resources exploitation generates," said Mr. Gomez-Pinzon. "It is likely that the senators and representatives from those lucky eight departments are going to oppose the reform, but the remaining congressmen, seeking to protect the best interests of the people and being the majority should approve it, with no significant changes."

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