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November 17, 2011

Mass. Defense Attorney: 'Inaction was an Option'

New England Cable News

Litigation Partner Dan Small was interviewed by New England Cable News on a story titled "Mass. Defense attorney: 'Inaction was an option.'"

Nov. 17 marked two months since the first Occupy Wall Street protest and two days since they were kicked out of Zuccotti Park. The scene in New York was chaotic; however, the story in Boston is very different. Although the mayor has not threatened eviction in Boston, the protesters have sought and won a court order prohibiting Mayor Menino from doing it should he change his mind. On the other hand, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg won a key court test on Nov. 14 when a judge agreed that police have the right to clear protesters from Zuccotti Park. In the interview, Mr. Small explores the legal tale of Occupy Wall Street in Boston and New York.


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