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September/October 2018

Protecting Your Church From Cyber Threats

Church Law & Tax Report

Partner Nathan Adams participated in a Cybersecurity and Cyberliability Forum hosted by Church Law & Tax Report to provide a better understanding into cybersecurity breaches, risks and procedures to protect organizations. Churches have become a large target for cyber attacks due to low security measures on computer systems. This panel was formed to share their expertise in the issue and provide best practices for churches to take in order to protect themselves from future cyber attacks.

Mr. Adams says, "My law firm handles some of the country's largest data breaches. Typically, the ones that affect corporations today are fairly sophisticated. The ones that affect religious institutions are not ordinarily those, but some of the most avoidable types of data incidents or breaches. The most common involve losing a laptop, smartphone, or tablet that has confidential information on it about donors. Such breaches are easily preventable. Phishing attacks are also a common cause of breaches in the religious community."

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