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October 30, 2020

Are Brazil & the U.S. on a Fast Track to Closer Trade Ties?

Latin American Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue

International Trade Partner Francisco Sanchez was interviewed by the Inter-American Dialogue’s Daily Latin America Advisor for an article about whether Brazil and the United States are on track to reignite their trade relationship. Brazil and the United States this month signed a limited pact that is expected to ease trade barriers, strengthen regulatory practices and fight corruption, according to officials from both countries. However, it is unclear to what extent the new deal will actually increase trade between the two nations, given its limited scope.

"The deal did not address the most important question facing U.S.-Brazil economic relations: commodity tariffs. The deal appears to be a diplomatic step to keep the door open for a broader one, even though that is unlikely. Right now, the mini deal is the most that Trump can do without Democratic support in Congress," said Mr. Sanchez. "The limitations of the deal may prove to be a missed opportunity for the United States as it competes with China to influence the future of Brazil’s IT infrastructure."

READ: Are Brazil & the U.S. on a Fast Track to Closer Trade Ties?

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