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January 18, 2022

Issuance of E-Signatures Grows 25%


Tax Partner Eugenio Grageda commented for Reforma about the increased issuance of e-signatures by the Mexican Tax Administration Service. From January to November 2021, thousands more e-signatures were issued than in the same period in 2020. Mr. Grageda explained that the principal reason for this increase is that taxpayers have picked up on the positive qualities that e-signatures bring for certain procedures. He added that another reason is companies can use e-signatures to execute a contract with a certain date.

"This date is important because the SAT requests that the executed legal acts have precisely that certain date, otherwise the treasury could ignore that act that was perhaps initialed with a signature (the one that is handwritten) and dated on a certain day, but actually took place much later," he said.

READ: Issuance of E-Signatures Grows 25%

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