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June 15, 2023

Legion of Lawsuits Against Amazon Highlights Tech's Exposure

Corporate Counsel

Intellectual Property attorney Thomas Brooke spoke with Corporate Counsel about the surge in litigation against Amazon and what it may mean for Big Tech. The article highlights a number of common lawsuits Amazon has faced that will likely trickle down to other tech companies, including various labor and employment issues. Mr. Brooke also noted the issue of product liability, which connects customers to countless third-party sellers. Oftentimes, those third-party vendors are unlocatable, insolvent or just not subject to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts. Thus, those bringing such lawsuits could theoretically settle for targeting the marketplace, and anyone who hosts third-party vendors, such as Etsy or eBay, is potentially at risk.

“If you’re a seller of products and services, the takeaway is take every opportunity to protect your brand,” he said. “Don’t let the problem fester.”

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