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August 27, 2023

Criticism of the Labor Reform Continues

Correo Confidencial

Labor attorney Camilo Cuervo was cited in an article published by Correo Confidencial about the criticism of the labor reform filed by the Colombian Ministry of Labor. Mr. Cuervo explained that although the changes to the previous legislature are not many, the minister, Gloria Inés Ramírez, decided to present a project without debating and consulting before filing it. Hence, Mr. Cuervo claimed that this fact could lead the reform to fail again.

"It has a series of new articles, not many, there are 16 new ones, but in essence it is the same project. What is criticized and, it is very unfortunate, is that the Government insists on filing the project without having gone through a consultation process," he said. "I think that the government is losing a unique and happy opportunity to generate real changes and to carry out a quite concerted policy."

READ: Criticism of the Labor Reform Continues

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