September 13, 2023

AI Regulation Talks Heat up Among U.S. Policymakers

Public Policy & Regulation attorney Todd Wooten was quoted in a TechTarget article on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) regulations in the U.S. This week policymakers are focused on AI regulation and approaches such as establishing a licensing for AI models, creating an AI systems oversight and placing AI systems into different risk categories. Mr. Wooten said that Congress will face challenges like establishing a licensing regime and creating a single oversight body when drafting regulations. He added that at a minimum, establishing some sort of reliability mechanism could be an effective way to beginning addressing risks associated with AI.

"Just doing that would lead to a lot of good discussions within these companies, which aren't currently happening because liability isn't a priority because it's not there," Mr. Wooten said.  

READ: AI Regulation Talks Heat up Among U.S. Policymakers

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