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December 18, 2023

Do Companies Have to Give Christmas Gift Baskets to Their Workers? What Does the Law Say?

Asuntos Legales
Corporate attorney Diego Acevedo was quoted in an article published by Asuntos Legales about whether companies in Colombia have to give Christmas gift baskets to their employees. Gift baskets have become a typical gift from companies, leading to some employees believing that it is an obligation for them to provide it before the holiday. This article goes over how there is no acquired right that explicitly states that companies are obligated to provide these gifts. Mr. Acevedo mostly agrees with this sentiment, stating how it is not typically viewed as something an employer must provide. 

"In principle, these benefits are not mandatory or acquired rights, as they have no legal origin. Thus, generally employers treat gifts and gift baskets as gratuities, since they are provided by mere liberality of the employer," he said.

READ: Do Companies Have to Give Gift Baskets to Their Workers? What Does the Law Say?

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