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January 22, 2024

The Technical Reserve Issues within Healthcare Provider Entities (EPS)


Corporate attorney Daniela Arbeláez was interviewed by Portafolio about litigation aimed at protecting collective rights and interests jeopardized by the failure of Healthcare Providers (EPS) and family compensation funds to constitute and manage technical reserves appropriately. These reserves, mandated by Decree 780 of 2016, are critical for ensuring the sustainable financial operation of the health system in Colombia. The motivations of the Ministry of Health for initiating the judicial process, however, remain unclear. Ms. Arbeláez emphasized the significance of these reserves as an essential provision for allowing EPS to meet their payment obligations to their provider network, thus ensuring security and liquidity concerning their financial responsibilities.

"Regarding these reserves and their importance within the Health System, it can be said that they correspond to assets aimed at maintaining an adequate resource provision that enables EPS to pay their network of providers, thereby ensuring security and liquidity with respect to the payment obligations they bear," she said

READ: The Technical Reserve Issues within Healthcare Provider Entities (EPS)

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