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April 2024

Maritime Implications of the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Marine Log

Transportation attorney Benjamin Allen was quoted in the Marine Log Editor's Column discussing the March 26 Francis Scott Key Bridge tragedy in Baltimore. Mr. Allen commented that although the incident is a rare one, the bridge was older, and the investigation will explore the possibility of deficiencies in maintenance, mechanical issues or lack of training on the cargo ship involved.

"There are a couple of areas where training could be a factor. Obviously, something went wrong on the ship. If it was mechanical, investigators will be looking at whether the crew and pilots were appropriately trained. If maintenance of the bridge itself is in question, how those responsible for its upkeep are trained will be examined," he said.

Mr. Allen also noted the supply chain implications of the situation, saying it will affect shipping along the East Coast "for some time." He added that many ships have been trapped in the Port of Baltimore and will be out of service until the wreckage can be removed, which could take weeks.

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